Monday, June 11, 2012


Today I busted out the neons to try my first tape mani.  For the base coat, I used China Glaze's Orange Knockout, which is a true neon.  It is not part of their new neon summer collection but I love the brightness.  My husband said, "Wow...that looks like...a radiation protection suit," if that gives you any idea of just how bright it actually is!  I used two coats and probably could have used three to hide the nail line but overall I just love the brightness.

I think this pictures best shows the highlighter-ish color.

For the second color, I used China Glaze's Under the Boardwalk, part of their Summer Neons collection.  It is a deep, purple berry jelly shade.   

If I were to do this again, I would probably pick two different colors...these two combined remind me of Halloween...and it is June...oh well!!    

I think next time I need to wait for the polish to dry just a little bit more before I pull the tape off. 

This is Halloween, This is Halloween... :)

Somebody is worn out...nappie time!

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