Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 16: Ladybirds


Today I went to the Jersey shore with two lovely ladies and it was soo wonderful.  Unfortunately, my SPF 50 failed me and I am soo burnt--humph.  BUT then I got home and my dotting tools had just arrived in the mail!  WOOO.  I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 

After going to the store to buy aloe and black nail polish, here is what I came up with for the ladybirds is a little messy!

My cuticles are a bit disastrous but hopefully you can look beyond that to my sheer brilliance...haha, JK!  I think I would have liked to use a brighter red for the ladybug but I really couldn't justify buying any more polish this week...

I used...China Glaze White on White, Sally Jansen Xtreme Wear Black Out (thank you, CVS!), Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Honeymoon Red, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Mint Spring (which turns yellow when I use a topcoat, I don't recommend it!).

Thanks for reading!

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